Milano a first for Solterra

Friday, January 22, 2016

Developer set to put forward its inaugural project in Burnaby

Most people might see being handed an eviction notice devastating. Not so for Patricia Chou and her spouse Michael Marland. It was just the thing to get them moving on buying their first home.

“My husband and I got evicted from our rental apartment in South Granville because the owner wanted to sell,” she said. “That kind of spurred us into buying because we were tired of paying rent.”

The couple, who are leaving their one-bedroom suite at West 7th Avenue and Granville at the end of the month, have purchased a new two-bedroom home in Milano, a 30-storey highrise tower just south of the bustling Brentwood town centre in Burnaby. And while they won’t be moving for two years, they are happy to buy now, what with prices continuing to rise month by month.

Their new two-bedroom home in Milano is almost 60 square feet smaller than their one-bedroom rental, which was built about 10 years ago on the land formerly occupied by The Vancouver Sun and The Province. Chou, a logistics manager at a local insulation company, is studying at BCIT to become an interior designer, and in the course of her study, sees a lot of layouts. “I can tell what is a good plan and what is not a good plan, and it is really well done here.”


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