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During what hours are service appointments available?

Appointments can be scheduled Monday to Friday, starting at 8:00 am and finishing at 4:30 pm with the exception of holidays. Simply fill out a service request form and send it to Customer Care. Upon receipt of the written request, a Customer Care Representative will contact you to schedule an appointment.

Why must my service request be made in writing?

All service requests are required to be submitted in writing. In doing so this ensures there is a written record of; the date of the request, the nature of issue being reported, and the appropriate contact information for making a reply. This prevents any verbal messages from being misinterpreted, misplaced, or forgotten. This will also insure that all valid requests are received during the warranty period, as any requests submitted after the end of the warranty period cannot be considered a valid warranty claim. Acceptable methods of in writing include; email, fax, or Canada post.

When does my in home warranty coverage expire?

The 12-Month and 24-Month Warranties commence on the completion of the sale of the home. The 12-Month Warranty covers any defects in materials and labour, including items such as, electrical fixtures, plumbing fixtures, appliances, and drywall.
The 24-Month Warranty covers the “delivery and distribution systems” – mechanical and electrical systems for delivery and distribution of gas, electricity, water, waste, heat, and air within and throughout the home. These are typically things in the wall which you can not physically see.


Warranty vs. Homeowner maintenance: What is covered?

Our Customer Service Technicians do not assist with the following items as they are considered the responsibility of the homeowner. This maintenance includes (but is not limited to) items such as changing of light bulbs, sealing of tile grout/granite, lighting the pilot light, cleaning the fireplace glass, cleaning of blocked drains, and damage caused by the occupants or normal wear and tear.


Who should I contact with regards to warranty service for my appliances?

The warranty for your home appliances is provided by the appliance supplier. The supplier will vary for each community, so please consult your homeowner manual for the appropriate contact number. When calling for service you will be asked for the model and serial number of the appliance, so make sure you have this information at hand before calling. All appliances come with 12 months of warranty based on the completion of sale on the home, but there are extended warranty options available, which an owner can speak directly to the supplier about if they wish.

Who should I contact regarding building maintenance and operation?

Please contact your strata property manager with any concerns relating to the day-to-day operations of the building, including but not limited; to garbage collection, extra key fobs, security concerns, janitorial cleaning, elevator bookings and operation, and landscaping maintenance.

Why does my bathroom fan turn on and off automatically throughout the day?

The newer design of homes results in a more air tight buildings, which can result in higher humidity levels, when moisture is produced from daily activities such as; showering, cooking, house plants, and even breathing. The fan is controlled by a timer, and or humistat, to turn on and off to vent the home of excess humidity. The fan will work as intended with the switch on the wall when required.

Some of the light switches in my living room and bedrooms don’t seem to work?

Some of the plugs in the bedrooms and living rooms have been prewired to be controlled by a light switch. Only one of the two receptacles, will be controlled by the switch with the intent being that that you can control lamps in your home from these switches.

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