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"CROSSROADS" Public Art at Bordeaux

CROSSROADS is a triptych of stained glass pictures that memorialize figures in the fashion popular during the time of the artist's youth spent loitering around Lougheed Mall in the early 1990s. Resonating with the fashion of today, the work speaks to historical echoes and tot he continued history of cultural diversity that marks Burnaby as unique within Canada. The triptych also depicts a movement from meditative incantation to dance to collaboration to collectivity. The presence of the crows refer to the crow's roost just a few minutes south of this site, to their collective consciousness, as well as to their symbolism as transformation. They mark this momentous time of political and spiritual change. Crossroads was made in studio over a period of a year, the production of which helped to form the foundation for a new stained glass guild.

"Impossible without the support of the craft production team of artists: Simon Gregiel, Jack Kenna, Aubin Kwon, Tiziana La Mella, Cailtin McDivitt, Marika Vandekraats, and Julie Zhang. Additional support from Justin Bohach, Jeanette Blackwell, Julia Feyrer, Kyle Labow, Victoria Lum, and 221A. Thank you to Al Bratiul for the idea to include the local mascot Canuck the crow, and to Tiziana La Mella for the idea of working with stained glass.

A very special ackknowledgement to Rob Shantz at Area 58 Innovation Inc. for collaborating on the process design, structural design, armature fabrication, and installation. The team @area58: Bobby Shantz, John Hasler, Kevin Fivelsdal, Nico Pasmans, Rodney Lindberg & Shane Van Randen.

This work is dedicated in loving memory to my father, the architect and brilliant mind, Bingki Hou."

- Julian Yi-Zhong Hou, artist

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